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Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry, 9th Edition

Simon W. Walker, Geoffrey J. Beckett, Peter Rae, Peter Ashby
AED 219.440

Lecture Notes Ophthalmology, 12th Edition

Bruce James, Anthony Bron, Manoj V. Parulekar
AED 173.650

Lecture Notes: Clinical Anaesthesia, 5th Edition

Matthew Gwinnutt, Carl L. Gwinnutt
AED 190.530

Lecture Notes: Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 9th Edition

Gerard A. McKay, Matthew R. Walters
AED 172.980

Lecture Notes: Dermatology, 11th Edition

Robin Graham-Brown, Karen Harman, Graham Johnston
AED 163.310

Lecture Notes: General Surgery, 13th Edition

Harold Ellis, Sir Roy Calne, Christopher Watson
AED 211.000

Lecture Notes: Haematology, 10th Edition

Christian S. R. Hatton, Deborah Hay, David M. Keeling
AED 163.310

Lecture Notes: Haematology, 9th Edition

Chris S.R. Hatton, Nevin C. Hughes-Jones, Deborah Hay, David Keeling
AED 193.060

Lecture Notes: Immunology, 7th Edition

Ian Todd, Gavin Spickett, Lucy Fairclough
AED 181.250

Lecture Notes: Ophthalmology, 11th Edition

Bruce James, Anthony Bron
AED 172.980

Lecture Notes: Paediatrics

Simon J. Newell, Jonathan C. Darling
AED 193.060

Lecture Notes: Psychiatry

Gautam Gulati, Mary-Ellen Lynall, Kate E. A. Saunders
AED 172.980

Lecture Notes: Respiratory Medicine, 9th Edition

Stephen J. Bourke, Graham P. Burns
AED 168.590

TextbookLecture Notes: Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, 11th Edition

Ray Clarke
AED 173.020

USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2017: 7-Book Set

AED 1,392.560 AED 974.780
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